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21 Queer He/Him

Hey there! I'm Tempest. I'm a pretty lethargic guy who normally presents himself as a big purple cat while online, and this is my little corner of the internet. I used to surf sites like this all the time back when I was a little kid, between my parents and my grandmothers windows XP/95 systems. I always wanted to make a site like this, even keeping a little word doc of resources as a wee child. Better late than never!

This site doesn't really have a central theme, it's really just a bunch of stuff I find neat. For now, I decided to list a few guides I've made, and plan to add some fun stuff like games or quizzes later down the line. I also have some shrines related to my D&D PC, and my virtual pets.

Likes: Ska, my trumpet, ttrpgs, anthropomorphic animals, comics, stormy weather
Dislikes: NFTs, bigots, algorithmic social media, large corporations, the rich

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